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„The Days of Good“ is a very special event - people can join it with their own piece of GOOD through many ways: groups, associations, families, schools, workplaces, at home, individually or with other people, wherever they are during this time.
Those who will join this special event and would like to share with others their ideas, suggestions, vision, plans for future, (art)works or projects, and other expressions (e.g.: photos, audio, video, messages, poems, stories, experience before or during the Days of Good, feelings after the Days of Good, ...) with topic: „HOW TO HELP TO EARTH and IMPROVING LIFE ON IT“, they can send them directly on the website to: admin@thedaysofgood.org   We will publish these (art)works to inspire many people from around the world who would like to contribute with their own piece of GOOD but they have no idea how to do it.
Especially children are very important in this way because their ideas and vision are very interesting, new and special. They are usually very creative and open-minded and many adults can be inspired by their good ideas...
More ideas together can create something very grandiose and remarkable.

Children are our

Let's join our hands