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We are a large group of people from all corners of the world who decided to help to change the World and Life on it for BETTER. We are not a particular religion group nor any sect. Our team is created from EVERYONE (regardless of nationality, religion or spiritual traditions, cultures, philosophy, education, profession, age, race...) who wants to be BETTER and who wants to contribute to create a BETTER WORLD. There is no limitation in religion beliefs, cultural behaviour or spiritual paths...

The core of this idea is to BE THE BEST as you can and to try (as much as possible) to enhance life conditions on our beautiful planet. Everyone should do his/her BEST as he/she can, through his/her thoughts, ideas, inspirations, vision, education, abilities, possibilities, own his/her realisation of GOOD ...

The Days of Good is opportunity for everyone to realize GOOD as he/she wants and can - this is very important. Therefore, there are no exact methods to do GOOD (on website www.thedaysofgood.org are only examples for inspiration) and it is up to everyone how to join and how to participate on The Days of Good. We appreciate every idea, artwork or project about the topic: "HOW TO HELP TO EARTH and IMPROVING LIFE ON IT".

Our world-wide group is every day larger and larger. Every day more and more people join us with their beautiful Vision to do the BEST they can and know. Everybody is very important in this chain of GOOD!

We believe you will decide to join and will support this event with your own piece of Good (also by spreading this Message to all your relatives and friends).