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Dear friends, people of our beautiful planet Earth!

Let us invite you for a participation in "THE DAYS OF GOOD" worldwide event which will make an impact on us, our environment and the World as we know it. The world is composed of various societies in the same way as the society is composed of various individuals. Therefore every individual has an impact on the society, and then back to the World. With your help we can change it to BETTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHTER place for Life. The quality of Life is not set by the amount of money we make, nor the number of features and technological items we posses. However, the Real Value lies within us, how happy we are and how great we are able to cooperate with others in order to create and sustain Global Harmony and Awareness of Unity.
This magnificent event took place for the first time in 2007 and continues every year. Next "The Days of Good" will be from 9th till 21st September 2017. This Invitation is specially for all those people (regardless of nationality, religion, philosophy, culture, education, profession, age, race…) who REALLY care about their own life as well as the life of their relatives, friends and all other living forms on the planet!
The latest scientific research is pointing at complexity of the creation, exceeding all levels of logic and intuition which we are able to feel and express. This level of complexity is a Masterpiece which is so specifically designed and maintained that it takes centuries to fully grasp it by humankind. We are like students of a Great University of Life, learning separated pieces one by one, putting them together and slowly understand what is it all about. So far, from fragments of such gained knowledge we know already that every single person is connected with all other people, in the same ways as each cell of our body is connected with all other cells. What affect one cell will almost immediately influence others too. We can think about this as a Unified Field we are all part of. Thanks to this Field we are all connected and influencing each other (either we know about it or not). Therefore, if we focus on improving the Life itself for ourselves and the others, it will have impact back towards us as well. The Highest Qualities such as Gratitude, Compassion, Humility, Valor and Understanding are able to improve the Quality of our Lives in much greater way than we can possibly imagine. Just by practicing, living and expressing them every day we are becoming capable of tuning into the Highest and Purest Quality of this World - Pure Unconditional LOVE. This word is probably the most used one, however the least understood of all. Expression of Love is actually a way of Kindness through a wish coming from the bottom of our Heart to give only the BEST for someone or the environment, according to our capabilities. This wish is then followed by behaviors presented through particular actions towards this Aim, to fulfill it and realize in all possible forms.
It doesn’t matter where you are during these days, you can join with your GOOD anywhere on Earth, according to your own will, ability, possibility, opportunity and interest focusing on the HIGHEST VALUES and the HIGHEST GOOD that you can imagine and put into action.
It is not important who came up with this idea. The only thing which matters is the fact that the WORLD and LIFE will be IMPROVED and will move to the next - higher level! However, to achieve this, it is highly necessary to join as many people as possible to this magnificent event, to join all our hearts to the One Great Mighty Heart and to aim all our minds at the fullest potential and realization of THE BEST what can be achieved.
We all - humankind of the Earth - are actually ONE GREAT BIG FAMILY! But many of us are not yet aware to see this obvious fact, or just don’t want to see it. Each of us is unique but each of us is different from all other members of this huge FAMILY. It is UNITY in DIVERSITY.

However, each of us has something in common: EVERYBODY wishes to be HAPPY !

And what is actually Hapiness?
JOY in the HEART
It is a satisfaction with ourselves, with our deeds, with our living place, with our work and appreciation, a satisfaction with our lives and what is happening around us, or at least awareness that we are closer and closer to this wonderful satisfaction. Awareness that we are doing THE BEST what we can, everyone according to our possibilities, abilities, capabilities, knowledge, sense and our free will.
Let’s afford to BE HAPPY !
It is our BASIC RIGHT !
However, up to now, this basic right of every human being - TO BE HAPPY - has been considered mainly just as an unachievable dream. Now the time has come so that we can start living this dream!

Many of us might feel disappointed, frustrated, and disoriented… They do not know what or whom to trust… and if to trust at all. But if we tune our hearts, minds and all our attention to the Highest GOOD, then true answers will be awaken and a new perspective of the same quality will be open to us - the perspective of SUPREME GOOD!
So WHY not to choose GOOD ?

GOOD for ourselves!
GOOD for our relatives and friends!
GOOD for all humankind !
GOOD for the whole planet EARTH!
GOOD for all the living forms ever created!
Every thought is an electro-magnetic resonation, charged with a strong energy influencing our lives with a “boomerang effect”! Our action causes (sooner or later) reaction and affects our life. It simply means that our often-repeated thoughts and mindset gradually gather strength and then manifests itself into matter. In other words, anything we are creating through our electromagnetic energy (intention) will be coming back to us and will participate in the quality of our life. Analogically, like the web browser is connecting computer with various websites and downloads the content, the sentient live is in a nutshell much more sophisticated biologically-based organism, operating in various information-based and energy-based platforms which are not fully understood yet, and therefore cannot be appreciated enough. And something which is not understood, cannot be used and applied towards day-to-day schema, called Life.
There is too much evil, destruction, hate, illnesses, suffering and various problems on the Earth that we have created, through our misunderstanding and a wrong approach to Life itself. Now it's the highest time to find out these inner mechanisms which are affecting our quality of Life and put them into practice. The more we know about them, the more we can use them. And the more we are using them, the more we are able to learn about inner principles which are constantly present with us. If we focus on constructive forms, we get constructive results. If we focus on destructive forms, we get destructive results. If we are not focusing on anything and living the mixture of everything, we cannot expect anything else than this type of chaos in our Lives.
Therefore let’s put aside, at least for these few days, all our problems, fights, conflicts, struggles, quarrels, dissensions, sorrow, fear, stress and disharmony, all negative emotions, everything what makes us unhappy, angry, sad, and filling our hearts with pain.
In reality, what is all of those unpleasant emotions compared to our great Opportunity to change the WORLD literally to PARADISE !?
We have a great chance in our hands:
It’s our responsibility to create positive direction in our Evolution !
It’s up to us to create a Harmony in our Lives !
It’s up to us to help each other, especially to those who need our help the most !
It’s up to us to take care about our planet - The EARTH - with all sentient life on it !

Each of us is one small wheel in the Giant Clock of the Gigantic Time Machine …

Let’s join together and heal the World!
Let’s heal our Soul!
Let’s heal our relationships!
Let’s heal our beautiful planet suffering from our destructive force!
By joining together we can heal the wounds that have been created on Earth during a long time…
We shouldn’t underestimate the POWER OF CREATOR - SOURCE of the whole Creation that He has capability to create only one right direction, way or teaching, which we think is the best one, the most true and the only right one. Because as each of us is unique, there is also a unique standpoint, understanding or teaching. And our particular direction is one of many expressions of the Supreme Source.

Now, we approached the time when all those unique directions, ways and teachings can be united for one aim: for the SUPREME GOOD!
Therefore, stop being conceited and try to accept the fact that every living creature sees, perceives and feels everything around in a slightly different way (according experience and maturity). But this is alright! We should understand, respect and tolerate others, learn from their uniqueness and enrich ourselves with this difference. There is a real Beauty, Wisdom, Charm and Abundance of the Creation in all this diversity which should unite and not separate us! Let’s try to understand this Magnificent Intention of the Highest Source and put our Strength, Energy and Abilities together!

REMEMBER something VERY important: The deeper impact you have onto this special worldwide event, the deeper impact it will have on your own Life! And the more people will join, the stronger Energy of GOOD will flow which will change the WORLD, step by step, according to our most beautiful vision.
Let’s look at the World and all people around us through a kinder eye  and try  even now to see them much BETTER, KINDER, and MORE BEAUTIFUL. Through this very special technique those people start to change and their behavior will be different - getting closer to the vision as we are looking at them. It is important to realize this simple fact - we are living in a very complex environment which provides us results depending on our decisions. All those potential ways of our next move will have impact on our near future. Going even deeper to this mechanism, those potential possibilities are like various tracks which will influence our current reality. What is the most astonishing, in the moment we attain all our focus and attention towards the best possible outcomes, on all levels, seeing ourselves and others as the Great Beings, with Full Potential, capable of doing the most advanced, kindest and best actions in our lives, this outcome is initializing and getting activated on an individual level. If people are joining together for One GOAL - to achieve Highest Happiness and Wisdom - this is starting to realize and provides its results in a very short time, influencing now also the global level, us as a Society and One Family. Every one of us can try this on his/her own and experience true meaning of these words in practice.
Therefore, let’s do as many good deeds as possible for ourselves, for our relatives and friends, for our country, for the world.  Let’s HELP, each of us, everywhere we see and feel our help is needed. Let’s provide help or at least think about the possibilities of our impact for those who need this help the most - children, old, disabled, homeless or underprivileged people, poor countries, animals, devastated nature etc.
Certainly we will find many excellent ideas and great inspirations when looking around!
Everybody will find own best and the most acceptable way how to participate.

Here are some ideas just for inspiration (however there are no limitations and every good idea is appreciated) :
-  individual or group meditations or prayers
-  charity work on a level of village, town, city, region, nation, worldwide
-  saving and cleaning the living and working environment as well as the nature
-  individual or company donations (clothes, food, ...)
-  solving all kinds of relationship problems (through Honesty, Openess and Communication)
-  meeting like-minded people and gathering together, making the world better place for Life
- expression of own conceptions for improvement life quality of people through art, technology, design etc.

If you have an idea or a project which can extend the areas mentioned here, please feel free to contact administrator of this website and this can be added for others as a point of inspiration.  Furthermore, it is highly recommended to make a (technical) research on this type of behavior and present it here. Any results or stories will be then presented on the site, to encourage more people in doing similar activities.
Wherever you are during these special days, you can be part of this event and participate in this unique opportunity.
Millions of (at first sight) tiny good deeds will produce a huge mass of positive Energy and broader Understanding which in turn influences not only our lives, but the whole Life on the planet itself! Step by step the Earth will become a planet of PEACE, HAPPINESS, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING and TOLERANCE, literally a PARADISE for all beings living here !
Spread this Message around the globe, throughout all countries so that EVERYBODY knows about it!

May all bells ring on 9th September at 9:00 a.m. as the sign that Humankind has chosen LIFE and have decided to change the WORLD to BETTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL, KINDER, SAFER and BRIGHTER!

that people of the planet Earth are ready now to make this  VERY IMPORTANT  STEP !

Let’s join our hands t o g e t h e r
and come to change the world !
For the one where L O V E  is  o n l y!
You never hear a sad word !

Let’s join our hearts t o g e t h e r
and come to change the world !
Everybody will be H A P P Y
and free like a flying bird !


In case there are such people who do not wish any changes for the better, they can simply ignore this “INVITATION” and they don't need to join the DAYS OF GOOD. Their free choice will be respected and in this way NOTHING will be changed in their life.